Preparing for a Weekend Visitor

So I have been trying to get the spare bedroom/craft room clean since we moved in, but being an empty space it’s been collecting clutter for the last month. I’ve worked on it a couple of times but it’s finally (mostly) finished.

Before pics! This was the day after Christmas. :o

After a few 45/15s

And then 2 days ago:

Getting better!

Finally today’s before pictures:

Keep an eye on the change in the giant coke bottle. :D

And after!

I got the backpack door hanging thing for $5. Great deal, but when it says don’t hang more than 8 pounds on the little plastic hooks, they mean it. I snapped one when a bag I hung wasn’t empty. :(

The craft closet! All nice and neat.

This one’s a bit dark, but it kinda hides how I still need to work on that book shelf. The bottom part of the shelf has extra bedding a pillow and a small inflatable mattress. (I kept finding more change as I cleaned!)

I found a way to organize some of my yarn stash! It’s a sweater organizer for your closet. Was a bit pricey, but it’s nice to be able to see what colors of yarn I have mostly at a glance.

So the room is done! I’d would have liked to get curtains and to have repainted before now, but budget and time constraints made it hard enough just to unfuck that room enough to cram a friend in.

Thanks Team UFYH! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!


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